Services for Companies

Services for Companies

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Home Care

We are experienced professional in home care and home healthcare services. Trusted partners to the city at all of our locations and at their nearby towns.

Taking Care of a Sick Child Home Service

Syke home healthcare’s cost-effective service for sick children at home is fringe benefit offered by employers and much appreciated by their employees in case their child falls ill. It offers a chance to order a child care professional to their home while a parent can take care of their work obligations with a peace of mind.

Physiotherapy at the Workplace

A company that wants to ensure steady employees and values them, can offer Syke home healthcare’s experienced and professional physiotherapists services. Our physiotherapists are capable of helping with possible problems in work ergonomics and solve them in the best possible way.

Child Protective Services

Syke home healthcare’s non-institutional care offers experienced and professional workers for the city’s child protective services customers. Non-institutional care includes family work, family rehabilitation done at home and professional support people. To become a customer in the non-institutional services you will need a verdict from the city’s social security worker and a child protective service’s worker.

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