Child care

Child care


A child care professional to your home or to a party

Our experienced, warm and professional nannies can work on any day and at any time of the day. They will take care of your child, prepare food, take them out to play, pick them up from school or take them to their weekly hobby. Our nannies are also capable of entertain larger group of children at parties. Child care services are applicable for a 50% tax credit for household expenses.

Taking Care of a Sick Child

Taking care of a sick child is a fringe benefit offered by your employer, which gives you the possibility to have Syke home healthcare’s professional nanny to come and take care of your ill child when they need an adult, but you are unable to stay at home with your loved one. Our nannies work at any time of the day depending on your personal needs. We also hire nurses and practical nurses as our nannies, so that we can accommodate special needs as well.

Child Protective Services Non-Institutional Care

Syke home healthcare’s non-institutional care offers experienced and professional workers for Helsinki City’s child protective services customers. Non-institutional care includes family work, family rehabilitation done at home and professional support people.

Remember 50% tax credit for household expenses

You can receive 50% tax credit for household expenses for childcare services, as quickly as your next salary. Read more about tax credit for household expenses

Lastenhoidon hinnat



Vähennys -50 %*

Weekdays 6–18

31,00 €/h

15,50 €/h*

Weekdays 18–22

36,00 €/h

18,00 €/h*

Weekdays 22–6

41,00 €/h

20,50 €/h*


41,00 €/h

20,50 €/h*


62,00 €/h

31,00 €/h*

*This is the price after 50 tax credit for household expenses. Tax credit for household expenses has a 100-euro deductible.

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